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About Emma Towns, UK Bracco Italiano Breeder

Emma Towns is a UK Bracco Italiano breeder and has been breeding prize-winning gun dogs since the 1990s.

Originally a German Short Haired Pointer breeder, Emma developed a passion for the Bracco Italiano breed after seeing them at the ‘Discover Dogs’ exhibition in 2000.

A former equine nurse, Emma Towns is now a highly experienced Bracco Italiano breeder and also runs her own dog grooming company from her home near Banbury, Oxfordshire.

Having bred German Short Haired Pointers since the 1990s, Emma now only breeds pedigree Bracco Italiano puppies. Based in Oxfordshire, she currently has three breeding bitches.

The BraccOrion Line

Emma’s Bracco Italiano breed name is BraccOrion (pronounced Brac-o-ryan). Typically, she breeds two or three litters a year and the majority of the BraccOrion puppies are reserved in advance.

Bracco Italiano dams and sires

At present, Emma has three Bracco Italiano breeding bitches. The prospective sires are carefully researched and selected to produce the best possible puppies. Emma travels across Europe to mate her dams to ensure the quality and integrity of her BraccOrion line.

Attention is paid to the sire’s pedigree and temperament, and he must be a good example of the breed. All the adult dams and sires used in breeding have been hip and elbow scored and colour DNA tested.

Emma practices ‘line breeding’. This shouldn’t be confused with ‘in-breeding’, which can result in obvious anomalies in the pups. In-breeding for example, happens where brothers and sisters, or parents and children are mated. Line breeding uses dogs with common ancestors e.g. great-grandsire perhaps, or mating with a more distant relative, e.g. uncle to niece. Line breeding means Emma’s Bracco Italiano puppies are more likely to be of a consistent quality, are a good example of the breed, and less likely to have health problems.

Champion Class Bracco Italiano dogs

Emma shows her award-winning Bracco Italiano dogs both in the UK and in Europe and they have all qualified for Crufts. Her BraccOrion dogs have won an enviable number of international titles. Emma’s bitch Altea is the only Bracco Italiano in the UK to have an Italian Champion Title.

Emma has also won numerous Challenge Certificates and Reserve Challenge Certificates,and has also gained Top Puppy in Breed in 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2016.

If you are looking for a Bracco Italiano puppy, contact Emma Towns now on 01295 810300. Alternatively, you can send your .

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