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Chestnut Bracco
Orange Bracco

Why choose a Bracco Italiano puppy?

Experienced Oxfordshire breeder, Emma Towns, describes Bracco Italiano dogs as an ‘undiscovered gem’. Their laid-back and often comical nature makes them the ideal active family pet.

A medium-sized dog, a Bracco Italiano is the perfect dog for an active family. Your Bracco Italiano will adore your children, love your cats and other pets, and welcome every visitor enthusiastically. The Bracco Italiano loves to just chill out and will enjoy a lazy day at home as much as a romp in the great outdoors.

While you might have to get your Bracco out of bed in the morning, it will be an eager participant in your outdoor adventures. You can expect your Bracco Italiano dog to need at least an hour’s ‘free running’ exercise every day. A Bracco enjoys retrieving, swimming and hunting. And when the fun is over, they will be as happy as you just to go home and put their feet up and relax.

As an HPR (hunting, pointing, retrieving) gun dog breed, they are relatively easy to train and work with. All these attributes make the Bracco Italiano an ideal pet for family living.

Whether you want a Bracco Italiano dog for a pet, for showing, or as a working dog, contact the UK’s Top Breeder 2021,. You can email or call on 01295 810300.

BraccOrion Colours

Emma Towns breeds both chestnut and orange Braccos. Her litters are usually mixed so there is likely to be a choice of colours when the litters arrive.

Why not visit the Bracco Italiano picture gallery to see some of the different coloured puppies bred in Oxfordshire by Emma Towns.

Bracco Italiano – ideal show and working dogs

While the majority of Emma Town’s BraccOrion puppies go to their new homes to be family pets, an increasing number are also now being shown and worked.

With of the strength and integrity of the BraccOrion line, the Bracco Italiano puppies are perfect if you’re looking for a well-bred show dog with an impeccable pedigree. Because Braccos have a very placid and patient nature, they cope well with the show circuit and quickly befriend everyone who gives them an admiring glance.

If you want a working dog, the Bracco Italiano is an excellent all-round HPR (hunting, pointing, retrieving) breed. Braccos are one of the most ancient hunting dogs, reputedly being bred in Italy since the 4th century BC!

The video is of Todd Dei Sanchi showing the unique Bracco Trot while working ground trying to pick up a sent.

The Bracco Italiano is the only gundog breed to have this breathtaking gait, and it’s one of the many things that makes this breed so special. When your Bracco is doing this trot, it is a wonder to see. 

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