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Bracco Italiano puppies for sale

Buying a new puppy needs a lot of thought and research. One of the most important considerations is to be sure you are buying your puppy from a reputable breeder. Before you commit to buying a puppy, it is vital you meet the breeder before the pups are born, and subsequently see the pups with their mother.

Emma Towns is a UK Bracco Italiano breeder. All her BraccOrion puppies are:

  • From good bloodlines
  • From hip and elbow scored dams and sires
  • Wormed
  • Insured and microchipped in line with legislation
  • Fully socialised
  • Used to other dogs, cats and children
  • Kennel Club registered

Buying an BraccOrian puppy

Before being considered as the prospective owner of an Bracco Italiano puppy, you will be asked to visit Emma and her dogs at their Oxfordshire home.

You will want to make sure she is the right breeder for you and similarly, Emma will want to know you understand the commitment you are about to make. After this, your name will be added to the BraccOrion ‘waiting list’.

Emma’s Bracco bitches each have just three litters in their lifetime, after which they are retired from breeding.

Typically she breeds three litters of Bracco Italiano puppies per year. All bitches are scanned at 4 weeks to verify the pregnancy, and to see how many puppies are expected.

When the bitch’s pregnancy is confirmed, you will receive a phone call letting you know the expected DOB of the puppies. When the puppies are four weeks of age you are encouraged to visit them. This is particularly important if you have children … after all, there is nothing so exciting as a brand new puppy!
When the puppies are 6 weeks old, they are assessed by Emma and allocated to their prospective owners. At 8 weeks, your new Bracco Italiano puppy will be ready to go home with you.

The BraccOrion Breeding Programme

The BraccOrion bitches are bred only once a year and produce a maximum of three litters in their ‘working’ life.

Much research goes into finding the right sire for the litter. Once the bitch has been mated, she is scanned to determine how many puppies are expected. All Emma Towns’ dogs live as part of the family, so are well socialised and cared for.

When the bitch goes into labour, Emma is in attendance from the first contraction to the final delivery. Her vet is only a phone call away, in case of emergency. At 3 days old, the puppies’ dew claws are removed.

Your Puppy Pack

Taking your new puppy home can be as nerve-wracking as taking home a new baby! When you collect your new Bracco Italiano pup, you will receive an extensive ‘puppy pack’. This includes:

  • An information brochure telling you everything you need to know about caring for your new addition
  • A piece of puppy’s bedding (which smells of ‘home’)
  • All Emma’s dogs and puppies are fed a raw diet, and as a you new owner you will be given feeding instructions and a starter pack of either Natural Instinct or Nutriment raw dog food

In addition, Emma will give you information on things like socialising your puppy and taking it for its first walks, etc.

24 / 7 After-sales support

Although you will be well-equipped to enjoy your new puppy, there may be times when you need a little extra help and support. You can contact Emma at any time if you have even the smallest query or have any concerns about your new puppy.

To arrange to meet Emma Towns and her pedigree Bracco Italianos, phone now on 01295 810300. If you prefer you can enquire by about buying a BraccOrion puppy. If you're wondering if a Bracco puppy is the right breed for you, visit the 'Why Choose a Bracco Italiano' page to find out more about the breed.

How to reserve your Bracco Italiano puppy.

To reserve a Bracco Italiano puppy or for more information on expected litters, contact Emma Towns on 01295 810300 or .

Fully-socialised Bracco puppies

All the Bracco Italiano puppies bred by Emma Towns are well-socialised when they go to their new homes at 8 weeks old.

The puppies are born in the house and are very much part of the family. They are used to all the trappings and hustle and bustle of everyday life including washing machines and vacuum cleaners.

Emma believes it is important for the pups to experience life in a family environment. None of the Bracco puppies are kennelled or live outside. The puppies are used to being handled by all Emma’s family and friends.

In short, when you choose a BraccOrion Bracco Italiano puppy, you are guaranteed a well-balanced dog which will revel in the hubbub of your family life.

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